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Mazak Machine Tools at Helander Precision Engineering

Mazak supply precision machinists Helander precision engineering with new machine tools for their new facility.

The company has had Mazak machinery in operation across all of its business sectors for over 10 years.

About Mazak

Although not a household name the Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, or Mazak for short, is a well-known brand in its specialist market, that of machine tools.  And like many market leaders it sprang from humble origins.  Established in 1919 in Nagoya, a city sitting on Japan’s Pacific coast, the business began life as a small manufacturer of pots and pans under the efforts of its founder Sadakichi Yamazaki.  Sadakichi soon moved on to the production of machine tools, including lathes, woodworking and metalworking machinery.

During the thirties and forties, as with many other industries at this time around the world, Mazak became part of its country’s war machinery, and consequently suffered as a result of the outcome of WW2 in Asia.  But it survived this difficult period and began to prosper again in the fifties and sixties, beginning during this period to export to the US Market.

Mazak’s most significant development, however, came in the 1970s and 80s when it expanded production beyond Japan, first setting up plants in the United States, then in various countries around Europe, the first of which being Belgium in 1975.

A high-level meeting between the British and Japanese governments in 1984 proved a significant event in Mazak’s European ambitions.  The purpose of this meeting was to encourage investment in high-technology companies operating in the United Kingdom.  To this end, the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, invited Mazak (via her Japanese counterpart) to set up shop in the UK.  Since then the company has operated an impressive plant in Worcester in the West Midlands of England.

The late 1980s and 1990s saw a flurry of awards for Yamazaki Mazak Europe recognising its performance in manufacturing.  Its Worcester factory has since been expanded several times, now with floorspace of 29,000m2, big enough to produce over 150 machine tools each month.  The Worcester site is also the firm’s European group headquarters, housing over 900 workers, making it a major employer in the region.

Worldwide Mazak has nine factories.  In addition to the UK plant it has five in its native Japan as well as plants in China, the United States and Singapore.  As well as its manufacturing bases it also operates a global network of nearly 80 technology and technical centres, designed to provide customer support to local markets.

Mazak’s products cover a wide range of machine tools, including CAD/CAM products, laser cutting machine tools, CNC turning centres and multi-tasking machines.

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