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ROMI Injection Moulding machine brings work back to the UK

Joe Reynolds of MTDCNC talks with Tino Tartaglione about Suscom Industries recent installation of two Romi injection moulding machines which are part of a fully automated cell again supplied by Romi machines.

Tino gives a glowing reference of the cell and this video must be watched.

The Primax 600R machines from Romi are described as best in class and when coupled with the turn key solution Romi offered, Suscom picked Romi Machines UK for this high automated and efficient cell.

What was the reason for purchase? Suscom decided to reshore some of their moulding they contract out back to the UK. This is more great news for the manufacturing sector.

The cell was made up of 2 x Romi Primax 600R injection moulding machines, bowl feeders, conveyors, automated inspection cameras and multiple Kawasaki robots.

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