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SolidCAM partner ROMI Machines in UK

SolidCAM has recently hosted a technology event at its UK technical centre near Milton Keynes. To optimally demonstrate its iMachining package, the company has installed a ROMI D800 machining centre. The CAM developer has selected ROMI as its preferred machine tool partner.

Commenting upon the event and the selection of technology partners, SolidCAM UK Managing Director, Mr Gordon Drysdale says: "The event is all about knowledge sharing between ourselves, technology partners, customers and prospective customers. The idea is to showcase the software and demonstrate its capabilities and how it works in conjunction with workholding, toolholding, tooling and the machine tool."

"SolidCAM has been in the UK market since 1984 and works inside SolidWorks and Inventor. We are one of the original gold partner products with SolidWorks and since we have achieved this status our sales have grown exponentially."

Referring to why SolidCAM has installed the ROMI D800, Paul Reeves the UK Sales Manager at ROMI UK says: "We put this machine in to help them demonstrate their iMachining cutting strategy. They needed a machine that was strong, robust and capable of handling the feed rates and rapids of a modern CAM system. The package offers very high rapid removal rates for roughing and on the D800, we are demonstrating two strategies. One is cutting EN19T at 20mm depth of cut whilst the second demo is doing 3D machining on EN8. Whilst 5-axis machining is en-vogue at the moment, the bulk of work in many machine shops is still 3-axis and that is why we are demonstrating 3-axis machining at this event."

Highlighting why the company wanted to work with ROMI, Mr Gordon Drysdale says: "We approached a number of companies at MACH last year as soon as we knew we were opening a technology centre. We spoke to ROMI and realised that they had a complete range of machines that suit the modules of our software. We asked ROMI for their 'bread and butter' machine that is most commonly sold. When looking at the technical aspects of the machine, we recognised the ROMI had the right type of spindle speed and build quality."

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