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The business was established in 1970, then trading as Axe Machine Tools Ltd and Status Sheet Metal Machinery Ltd. These two companies, specialising in metal cutting machine tools and fabricating machinery, were combined in 1979, trading as Axe & Status.

The principles upon which the business was formed back in 1970 still apply, in that the company's objectives are to supply acceptable quality and reliability in our products at a competitive price. This enables our customers to remain competitive and maintain low hourly charging rates – a prime feature in the machine specification for final product selection.

The geographical location was carefully selected at the outset, at a time when Milton Keynes was in its early stages of development. It was soon to be an attractive position, in the centre of the country, with easy access for customers to visit the Axe & Status showroom to discuss their requirements, and also for the distribution of equipment throughout the UK. As a permanent exhibition centre, the customer would have an extensive range of machine tools and sheet metal machinery on display to inspect and to have demonstrated if required.

Emphasis is placed on problem solving and freedom of choice for customers to inspect machinery and discuss their production requirements, in the comfort of modern office facilities. By reputation, Axe & Status have a showroom which demonstrates to the customer the flexibility of low cost, value for money products with the option to purchase products with a high degree of sophistication and technology, to achieve the demands of industry using the latest production techniques.

The high standard of presentation and after sales service demanded by successful business people in the metal cutting and fabricating industry is given top priority. Axe & Status are recognised world wide as established suppliers for quality new and used machine tools and sheet metal equipment.

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Axe & Status Signposts Route to Success for Fabrication Company

When Castle Donington fabrication business, Knoxford Fabrications required a new laser machine, the CNC sheet metal manufacturer of Point of Sale displays, signage, containers, structural steel and fabricated steel housings, the company made a visit to...


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