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It’s time to think differently about metalworking fluids.

Instead of being viewed as a “necessary evil”, quality metalworking fluids (especially when matched with equipment and service to manage them), can have a significant positive impact in so many areas of your business. So often we come across fantastic businesses using the latest and greatest machines and tooling, but with coolant practices that haven’t changed in decades.

It’s easy to see why this might be – major oil companies have a conflict of interest. Everything they do to improve things in and around your coolant has the potential to reduce the amount of product you need! This means you buy more product that you need, but the real tragedy is that you lose all of the other benefits that go along with a well-managed, quality coolant:

Reduced tool life
Improved surface finishes
Increased machine uptime
Improved health and safety
Happier operators!

ETL Fluid Experts is unique in being the manufacturer of CARDEV coolant handling equipment (mixing, auto top-up, cleaning, recycling and disposal) and the UK and Ireland distributor for MOTOREX high-performance metalworking fluids. When coupled with levels of service you just don’t see from the usual suspects, there is a real opportunity to unlock some efficiencies in your business, whilst making your workshop a nicer, safer place to be.

We would love you show you what we can do for your business, so why not put us to the test? We can show you savings and improvements, whether you currently pay £400 or £2400 a barrel! Call us on 01423 522911.

Enquire with MTD CNC TODAY


Enquire with MTD CNC TODAY

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