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ITC is a specialist tooling supplier. Our objective is to supply our customers with the best possible products, at the same time making them more efficient by introducing productivity and method improvements. To achieve this we continue to invest in our team of capable and enthusiastic engineers and technical sales people, backed up by an in-house team which we believe is second to none. From solid carbide and PCD tooling, through to indexable milling, turning and boring, plus top quality tool holders, ITC has an unbeatable product range.

ITC’s state-of-the-art production facility includes CNC grinding machines from world leading manufacturers including  Walter ,  Deckel ,  Rollomatic  and  Anca . We have invested in a centralised oil filtration system to ensure that grinding takes place under optimum conditions with clean oil, and our inspection department includes computerised laser measuring equipment, to maintain the high standards for which ITC is renowned.

We manufacture and source the best available products from around the world, and hold well over 100,000 Solid Carbide tools, tool bodies, inserts and tool holders on the shelf ready for same day despatch. ITC also offers modification and regrind services, meaning we can adapt existing tools to your requirements, and return used tools to an ‘as new’ condition. Our continued investment in cutting edge CNC grinding equipment gives us the capacity to rapidly manufacture custom made tools to your precise specifications.

We believe that good customer service is vital, and all of our staff are highly trained to provide expert support, whether you know exactly what you need, or need guidance from start to finish.

Manufacturing companies rely on ITC to provide an unbeatable combination of first class service, rapid response, huge stocks, and access to a diverse and ever growing product line.


Latest News from ITC LTD

What customers say about ITC LTD

Aero Subcontractor Takes-Off With ITC

A Preston aerospace subcontractor has benefitted from the technical expertise of Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) and its exceptionally diverse product line-up. Always striving for improvements in a cost and quality-conscious industry sector, the...


Rifle Maker Shoots to Success with ITC

Many of us may have fired a rifle, but for Robert Nibbs it has been a lifelong passion that has evolved from childhood enthusiasm through professional career to the founding of a high-end rifle manufacturing business. Since joining his first Rifle club...


BCT Taps into Profit Margins With ITC

When BCT Engineering Ltd opened its doors for business over 30 years ago, the Woking Company revved up its revenue from producing performance parts for motorcycles. Over the last three decades, this has evolved into the automotive, automation, offshore,...


Vetech Reaps Rewards With ITC Cutting Tools

Vetech Product Design & Development Ltd is a subcontract manufacturer that was conceived by engineers with an expertise in the garden equipment sector. When the Buxton based company opened its doors for business in 1994, the founders applied their industry...


ITC Drills Provide 400% Cycle Time Improvement for GPR

In 2016, Surrey based GPR Ltd made its first strides from 3 to 5-axis machining and it was Tamworth cutting tool manufacturer Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) that fully supported the subcontractor in selecting the optimal tooling solution for the...


Subcontractor has a Grip On Productivity Benefits with ITC

Leaving the comfort of employment and starting a business is a decision loaded with emotion and taken with cautious trepidation. For the two ex-aerospace engineers that founded GD Precision, re-mortgaging their homes to finance the leap emphasises their...


Motorsport Subby Finds A Tool For All Applications from ITC

When a machinist with extensive motorsport expertise had ambitions of starting his own business, the first step was a 5-axis machining centre, high-end CAM software and cutting tools from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC)....


ITC End Mills Excel With New Trochoidal Strategies at CNF

When CNF Precision Engineering purchased its first two 5-axis machining centres and a seat of high-end CAM software to drive the 5-axis machining strategies, an abundance of cutting tools from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) soon followed. Aylesbury...


Subcontract Start-up Vouches for ITC

When two ex-work colleagues were working around the clock in their respective posts, the engineers and friends decided to set-up their own machine shop with the core philosophy of automated production and reduced man hours. To achieve this, Multax Engineered...


ITC Delivers Material Benefits for Oil & Gas Specialist

Bucking the trend during the prolonged downturn in the oil & gas industry, Chappell Engineering has just had the most successful four years of its 45 year history. Four years ago the Stonehouse subcontractor moved to a new facility and since moving, the...


ITC Sculpts a Great Future for Digital Fabrications

Before, during and after graduating from the University of Falmouth with a degree in sustainable 3D design, David Forsyth always had a keen eye for turning the most creative of designs and concepts into a reality. Along the path to setting up Digital...


BIG KAISER centring tool for unrivalled ease of use

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now announced the launch of a new compact centring tool designed for small lathes and turning centres, the BIG KAISER CTL-90. The new innovation from BIG KAISER has a stationary dial gauge that faces the machine...


ITC Delivers Seismic Change For Earthquake Subcontractor 

The story for any subcontract business is evolve or dissolve. In the case of Surrey based GPR Ltd, its progression from 3 to 5-axis machine tools initially evolved with a bolt-on fourth axis for its Haas VF2 machines and now a full simultaneous high-end...


Subcontractor Goes Nuts For ITC Tools

For subcontract manufacturers that operate in the globally competitive automotive industry, the high quantity production of turned parts is an arena where every possible efficiency must be found. Luckily for Basildon based SEC UK Ltd, it found its productivity...


CNF Precision Milks Productivity from ITC Tools

When Clive Fearnley borrowed £200 in 1967 from a family member to buy his first lathe, he couldn't have envisaged that his start-up company would be spending over £1.5m in equipment, some 45 years later. The impressive growth at CNF Precision is credit...


ITC cuts tooling costs by 50% for aerospace subcontractor

When CNC programmer & machinist Mr John McNab was given a promotion opportunity by Bowyer Engineering to become the company's Manufacturing Engineer, the commonly banded phrase 'We've always done it like this' soon went out of the window. With a wealth...


Air Turbines enable manufacturer to conduct composite machining

When Mr. Peter Bowman, an engineer in charge of part fabrication at a successful manufacturer of aerospace components, Flying S Inc, encountered a problem cutting carbon fibre, he turned to Air Turbine Tools (ATT) that are sold exclusively through ITC...


ITC solves deep machining mystery for subcontractor

On a trip to MACH to investigate new tooling and CAD/CAM solutions, it was a visit to the ITC stand that resolved numerous tooling problems that faced the Advanced Engineering Division of Fine Cut. Producing mould tooling...


ITC drills enabled us to run more jobs lights-out

With an existing bank of sliding head turning centres and rigid fixed head twin spindle Miyano turning centres, Paragon Precision Products Ltd has evolved to become a prominent subcontract manufacturer for the Oil & Gas industry. ...


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