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Leader CNC Technologies Limited is an independent machine tool sales company, accredited to the latest ISO 9001:2008 standard. We are ideally situated to provide a comprehensive service to companies looking to improve and maintain their production facilities through the purchase of new machine tools, improvements to existing plant or seeking engineering support.

The company is the Main European Dealer for Toshiba Machine and U.K. Distributor for Kitamura, FFG DMC, Gruppo Parpas and FAT Haco machine tools. We aim to carry out any machine tool orientated task to the highest standard and give complete customer satisfaction. Additionally, we regularly review our performance to ensure that we continue to be responsive to our customers’ production and business needs.

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Addmore Engineering Limited Invest in a Kitamura HMC

We are pleased to announce that Addmore Engineering Limited have invested in another horizontal machining centre, the Kitamura Mycenter-HX400iG. The Mycenter-HX400iG is fitted with the latest Kitamura Arumatik Mi CNC control and has a work piece capacity...


JJ Hardy & Sons Invest In Kitamura Yet Again

We are pleased to announce that JJ Hardy & Sons Limited have invested in their second Kitamura Mycenter-HX250iG. This Kitamura model the smallest horizontal full 4-axis twin-pallet machining centre on the market, enabling the user to manufacture medium...


Engineering Solutions acquires DMC machines from Leader CNC

Like many business partnerships, the ambition and strategic desire of one director may be poles apart from their fellow directors. This appears a case in point for Newbury based Engineering Solutions & Supply Ltd,...


Dawson Precision invests in a Kitamura M-3XG SP twin pallet VMC

The new machine is equipped with Renishaw NC4 laser tool setter and a Renishaw OMP40 spindle probe for reduced set-up times and in process inspection where required. The machine has two pallets, each 410mm by 900mm...


Leader CNC Turning Centre is 'Fitting' for Hydraulics Manufacturer

By producing over 20,000 types of component that form part of 5,000+ catalogue products, Burnett & Hillman Hydraulic Adaptors manufacture hydraulic components for just about any application. Producing over 10,000,000 parts per annum and in response to...


Dream Performance from KDM Vertical Turning Lathe

In four short years MG Sanders Company Ltd has witnessed a turnover increase of 40%, extended its floor space by 50% to 70,000sq/ft and increased its staff levels from 40 to 80. To support this growth level, the company......


Adapted DMC Turning Centres at Morgan AM&T

When the Redditch based manufacturer reviewed the marketplace for an appropriate grinding centre and...


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