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Maylan manufactures its own product, the MAYLAN PALLET MASTER, which is designed to improve LEAN machining capability by converting a standard Vertical Machining Centre into a twin pallet unit. No hydraulic or electrical connections are required by the Pallet System, as it is totally manual in operation. The Maylan Pallet Master is designed to be easily retrofitted onto existing single pallet VMC’s or to be specified along with brand new machines.

The unit essentially consists of two carriage mounted auxiliary pallets that slide horizontally on a floor-mounted frame and a pallet receiver that is bolted securely to the bed of the machine. An experienced operator is able to change pallets by means of this system and restart machining operations in just TEN seconds.

Installation is astonishingly quick as the Pallet Master normally only takes around THREE hours to complete. Currently there are seven standard versions of the Maylan Pallet System and bespoke sizes can be designed to order.

Typically, the average increase in output provided by the Pallet Master is in the region of 35%, but can be considerably more depending on cycle and loading times.

Production is underpinned by rigorous testing and inspection procedures, encompassed within our 1S0 9001: 2008 accreditation. Hence all Maylan equipment is backed by a twelve month warranty.

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