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At Star Micronics we are dedicated to supplying specialist CNC sliding head lathes. With a state of the art technology centre in Derbyshire and a team of the best turning applications engineers in the UK, our sliding head lathes offer you accuracy, repeatability, reliability and lower cycle times on turned parts – guaranteed! So, when it comes to the best in CNC sliding head technology and bar feeders - talk to the turned parts industry leader.

Star excels at identifying the RIGHT sliding head lathe for your applications and delivering turnkey solutions that hit the ground running. For many years, we have had many sliding head lathe installations the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Our specialist machines have produced outstanding performance throughout many precision critical industries such as medical and aerospace, whilst also providing CNC sliding head technology for industries that require high performance and enhanced production output such as the automotive industry.

Latest News from Star Micronics GB Limited

What customers say about Star Micronics GB Limited

MACH Star Purchase is Installed and Running 1 Week after Show for Rotec

Rotec Engineering purchased its tenth Star sliding head turning centre at MACH 2018 and almost as quickly as the congratulatory bottle of bubbly could be consumed, the machine was in and running. Shaking hands on the deal at MACH, Worcestershire based...


Subcontractor Gets 5-Star Service From Sliding Head Lathe Supplier

Established in 1981 as a subcontract manufacturer specialising in the automotive, hydraulic and the agriculture sectors, Microplus Engineering Ltd has a history steeped in centreless grinding and fixed head turning expertise. When business grew and capacity...


Star Solders Its Position for Reliability After 25 Years of 24/7 Production

In 1984, Oglesby & Butler developed the world’s first pocket portable soldering iron, giving engineers the freedom to solder joints in the field without the need to plug-in to electrical outlets. This brought about the birth of the Portasol brand, global...


RDL invests in 40mm sliding head lathe from Star GB

When RDL Technologies LTD was formed in 2000, the Leicester Company had a vision of supplying high quality subcontract manufactured components. Seventeen years later, is a recognised as one of the UK’s leading turned parts subcontractors, something that...


Star User Reaches Production Milestone With Zero Downtime

When Willstar Precision Engineering bought its first sliding head lathe just over three years ago, the company thoroughly reviewed the marketplace and it was the reputation for service and reliability that led the Birmingham subcontractor to buy from...


New Star SR 32J slider at Scot Bennett improves machining process

As a subcontract manufacturer serving the automotive, medical, nuclear and agricultural sectors, Scot Bennett Engineering Ltd has just invested in a Star SR-32J sliding head turning centre. The new addition is the fourth sliding head turning centre from...


38 Cam Autos replaced with a total of 8 Star sliding head lathes

This year family-owned DKW is celebrating its 45-year anniversary. DKW Engineering, a business specializing in the manufacture of precision-engineered components, is celebrating its in the industry.....


First sliding head turning centre at WLR

A little over two years ago, Nottingham-based WLR Precision Engineering invested in its first sliding head turning centre, a Star SR-32J. We wanted to find out why.......


We chose Star, we felt that their machines had the edge

Star GB recently caught up with one of our long-time customers, Glengowan Engineering....


Hydraulic measurement manufacturer continues to invest in Star technology

Webtec continues to invest in manufacturing with addition of a new machine tool to make parts for their hydraulic measurement and control products...


Sliders produce 40% more than fixed-head lathes

Stourbridge Turning and Grinding (STAG), currently utilises only half of its single- and multi-spindle auto capacity, as orders for large batches needed to justify their use are becoming increasingly scarce, and those that remain tend to go overseas....


Sliding Head Lathes Without a Guide Bush Prove Efficient for Mass Production

Wealdpark's latest SR-20JN was ordered in the run-up to the MACH 2012 exhibition and is of the...


Sliders Machine 'Difficult' Steels To Tight Tolerances

During a recent job requiring unattended machining of 316 stainless steel, for example, 10 microns...


Sliding head turning is as accurate as grinding

In October 2011, Leicester-based subcontract machinist RDL Technologies installed its sixth Star...


Star lathe is a fantastic piece of kit

The company was recently awarded a two-year contract by a customer in the construction industry to p...


Reliability of Star Lathes Helps Subcontractor Grow

Lazer Engineering, East Lothian, has expanded its contract machining, assembly and fabrication ...


Star SR-20RIII Slider Cuts Cycle Times

Specifically, the SR-20RIII bar automatic was equipped with a special angle drilling head that has.....



Star Open House June 18th/19th/20th

Looking for the latest in production turning technology. Don't miss the Star GB open house taking place at their head office in Melbourne, Derbyshire on June 18th/19th and 20th.

As usual the event will be a wash with high precision, high performance sliding head lathes. Coupled with machines, Star GB production and applications engineers will be on hand to answer your questions and show you the most efficient ways to improve your production.

Register for...

Star GB Open House 22nd-24th October

Being held at their showroom in Melbourne, Derbyshire. Star GB will be hosting an Open House on October 22nd/23rd and 24th.

You can expect to see several Sliding head lathes in action, with solutions from third party suppliers also on show. This event is run annually and normal attracts hundreds of visitors from UK manufacturing businesses.

Find out more about this event and register


Star Open House October 14th -16th

Star GB are pleased to announce that they will be holding an Open House on the 14th – 16th October.

As usual you can expect to see all the latest technology in action along with 3rd party machine tool suppliers.

Come back to MTDCNC in August to find out more.


Star GB Discovery Event June 9th/10th/11th

Star Micronics Ltd are excited to announce the launch of a new type of event for 2015.

Beginning this coming June, Star will be holding a Sliding Head Discovery Event to showcase the abilities of their sliding head lathes while educating users in a range of techniques to enhance and improve production of their mill-turn machinery.


Star Open House - October 20th-22nd

Star GB will be holding their annual Open House at their Head Office in Melbourne, Derbyshire over 3 days, 20th/21st and 22nd..

In their usual style there will be the latest technology on show including the new SR38 B sliding head lathe.

See more about the event click here



Star GB are hosting their annual open house on Oct 11th/12th and 13th this year at their new facility in Derby. Watch the show preview above / REGISTER for the show here on MTDCNC by using the REGISTER button above


Star GB Open House 2018

Star will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday 2nd / Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th of October at their headquarters in Derby. Throughout the week engineers and manufacturers will be presented with new technologies on both sliding head machining and software. In the usual style you can also expect to see an array of other turning solutions offered by 3rd parties supporting machining, these will include tooling suppliers, workholding, filtration and more.


Star GB Open House 2019

Star will be hosting their annual open house on Oct 8th/9th and 10th. Word on the grapevine is that a brand new machine will be premiered… more details to be revealed as they come in


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