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For over 30 years, Tebis has ensured process efficiency and a technological edge in international die, mold and model manufacturing, in industrial design and in machinery and equipment. We work responsibly and follow clear principles, wholly in the interest of our customers. We support you on-site around the world as a process provider.

Your company is right at home in the world of design and industrial manufacturing. No matter whether you have 2, 2,000 or 200,000 employees, your processes are becoming increasingly digitized, automated and networked. In this era of Industry 4.0, the fourth Industrial Revolution, how can you improve your competitive advantage, increase your profitability and secure your value creation?

Ask Tebis. We are your ideal partner to optimally prepare and orient your company for the future. We shorten throughput times and effectively utilize cost-intensive manufacturing equipment – and increase the efficiency of all processes. We provide complete software solutions and high-efficiency processes with which you can develop, design and manufacture models, molding tools and components more quickly, at higher quality and with greater value creation.

Tebis simplifies...

... your processes radically and improves your competitiveness as a supplier and as a manufacturer – in the automotive, mechanical engineering or aerospace industries. Tebis is a highly responsible and forward-thinking partner with a good understanding of your complex business strategies, processes and systems. We can realign these with outstanding future-oriented solutions on all levels.

Tebis is the only...

...software and consulting company for manufacturing operations that introduces innovative processes comprehensively and successfully – and we can do this just as well in a family-owned and operated business as in a major international corporation. We’re able to do this because we effectively mesh all enterprise levels with our outstanding consulting, software and implementation expertise: strategy, goals, standardization, process reliability, setup, automation, personnel, planning, information flow and machine and tool technologies. Worldwide, only Tebis can offer you such maximized customer benefits.

Tebis process solutions give you...

... a lasting technological and competitive edge. The company is a well-established partner for over 2,000 customers in high-efficiency design and manufacturing chains, with over 1,000 consulting and implementation projects and nearly 9,000 installed workstations. Creative engineering has been the formula for success for over 30 years at Tebis – the inspiring leader in technology and process innovation in the world of design and industrial manufacturing.

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What customers say about TEBIS UK

Tebis CAD/CAM for Precision Trimming with Robots

Using the right CAD/CAM software is crucial when it comes to precision manufacturing. By introducing Tebis CAD/CAM software to CNC Robotics, they can produce high quality parts while reducing cycle times. Robots are becoming more and more popular...


Take off with Tebis

What do you need for machining complex components? Are you looking for the best in 5 axis CAM software? Tebis has the solution. During the Seco event, an A350 fuel connector for the aerospace sector was produced using Tebis CAD/CAM software on a Hermle...


Reducing downtime through automation

Tennant Company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial cleaning equipment to industries ranging from automotive to retail. Today, they are recognized as a global leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions to create a cleaner,...


Mould Manufacturer Invests In TEBIS CAD/CAM

As a manufacturer of plastic injection mouldings, Interform Manufacturing Ltd has recently purchased a seat of TEBIS CAD/CAM software. The High Wycombe Company is heavily involved in vacuum forming, sheet fabrication, prototyping, machining, design and...


What Software Would Fast Eddy Use?

The Aria Group and Tebis America have teamed to speed and automate the production process....


Tebis helps company with olympic size ambitions Go for Gold!

MHP Industries Ltd have recently introduced Tebis to their production. So far they have witnessed a 20% time reduction in their manufacturing processes and plan to expand their use of Tebis throughout the business to achieve similar results. ...


No Turning Back

For this innovative mould maker, a combination of advanced equipment, strategic thinking and Tebis software has expanded their definition of what is possible and there is no end in sight....


High-tech partner with direct interface

ALPEX Technologies GmbH is a specialised provider of high-quality manufacturing equipment for the production of high performance composite parts. The Austrian company from Mils near Innsbruck defines itself as a professional supplier for manufacturers...


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