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HALTER CNC Automation appoints UK Sales Manager
HALTER CNC Automation appoints UK Sales Manager

HALTER CNC Automation appoints UK Sales Manager

HALTER CNC Automation has appointed Daniel McGinty as Sales Manager for the UK.

The Dutch company HALTER CNC Automation having already had several years of success with the automation concept for CNC machine tools, the HALTER LoadAssistant. This loading system for both CNC lathes and milling machines, can be programmed without the knowledge of robotic programming. With the HALTER LoadAssistant, set-up time for unmanned production is reduced to minutes.

Expanding in the UK
With a UK based service team, the recent opening of the HALTER Technology Center in Evesham, near Birmingham, and the appointment of Daniel McGinty, the Dutch company is expanding in the UK market, to help manufacturing companies gain productivity with unmanned production of small batches.

Personalized workshops
Mr. McGinty and his team will invite UK companies to the newly opened HALTER Technology Center where they can experience the ease of automation that the Dutch company offers. Here they can set up one of the three different models for their own parts and discover in real time how easy and fast this can be done.

Published on MTD CNC by HALTER CNC Automation on 09 July 2019

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