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Hydrafeed Join MTD
Hydrafeed Join MTD
Hydrafeed Join MTD
Hydrafeed Join MTD

Hydrafeed Join MTD

With automation playing an increasingly important role in the modern machine shop, MTDCNC is delighted to welcome barfeed and automation experts Hydrafeed to the MTDCNC digital platform. For more than a generation, Hydrafeed has been a name synonymous with barfeeding and the automation of turning operations.

The Milton Keynes manufacturer has a reputation for quality and service with its barfeeding equipment that has been enhancing the productivity of machine shops around the world for decades. In more recent years, Hydrafeed has expanded its portfolio and expertise to encompass complete automation systems and subcontract machining. Adding to the extensive line of barfeeders, spindle liners, bar support units and peripherals for bar turners, Hydrafeed now offers the complete line of Robojob systems for the automated loading and unloading of turning centres, machining centres as well as turn and mill assist applications.

Further extending the offering from Hydrafeed is the Rota-Rack part collection system, and abrasive belt machines. Essentially, Hydrafeed has evolved to take the modern machine shop from barfeed manufacture to the machine loading and tending of billets, bars, castings and parts through to the finished product, catering for the dynamic needs of machine shops that have a desire to improve productivity and reduce cost constraints through automation. And for those businesses that are challenged by capacity issues, Hydrafeed now has a thriving subcontract machining division with no fewer than 23 machine tools on-site that are dedicated to helping manufacturers get their parts produced with the precision and quality that has underlined the Hydrafeed brand. Of course, as MTDCNC customers, we’ll now be able to provide our subscribers, viewers and social media followers with all the latest news, product innovations and technical applications that come out of this proud UK manufacturer.

Published on MTD CNC by Hydrafeed Ltd on 10 June 2019

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