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Hexagon’s New G-Code Simulation Software Wows At Southern
Hexagon’s New G-Code Simulation Software Wows At Southern

Hexagon’s New G-Code Simulation Software Wows At Southern

NCSIMUL Exhibits With Hexagon’s CAD/CAM Software For The First time In UK 

The market-leading CAD/CAM software products EDGECAM, VISI and RADAN have exhibited in the UK for the first time since becoming part of the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Production Software business.

They were also joined for the first time on the stand at the Southern Manufacturing trade fair, by NCSIMUL, a G-code simulation software from recent acquisition SPRING Technologies.

Gareth Henwood, Area Sales Manager for the Production Software business, says visitors to the stand were excited by, and impressed with, on-screen demonstrations of NCSIMUL, showing its versatility and ease of use. “Although there’s a powerful simulator in EDGECAM, it simulates from the file…whereas NCSIMUL reads the data that’s actually going into the machine, so it gives manufacturers full confidence that when they start to cut metal there won’t be any collisions or gouging.”

Described as a high-end CNC simulation software, NCSIMUL manages the complete machining process from the NC program to the machined part.

Visitors to the Hexagon stand saw how its capabilities allow users to fully master the shop floor, and include automatic G-code reprogramming and G-code simulation. Other benefits that complete the platform and enhance production include DNC program management, real-time machine monitoring and publishing technical content.

As well as NCSIMUL, three of the Production Software business’s CAD/CAM solutions were on display, along with the WORKPLAN ERP system, and a section of the stand was dedicated to Hexagon’s scanning devices.

Demonstrations of the latest release of EDGECAM included its Additive Machining module, supporting the Direct Energy Deposition method, offering a specific manufacturing cycle which accurately guides a laser as it deposits material to form a shape. After that, the shape is machined using EDGECAM’s milling cycles to create the final component. 

Visitors also saw how RADAN 2019 R1 focuses on doing more with fewer clicks; and a range of new and enhanced CAD/CAM functions in VISI, providing a boost for reverse engineering for the mould and die market.

Published on MTD CNC by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence on 12 February 2019

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