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RADAN Features at ALCOR Event
RADAN Features at ALCOR Event

RADAN Features at ALCOR Event

A Kazakhstan company that has recently become an EDGECAM, RADAN, VISI and WORKXPLORE reseller, is holding a conference dedicated to the modern technologies used in civil and industrial construction.

ALCOR is a partner company of Dreambird… Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Production Software distributor across Russia, CIS and the Baltic countries.  Their BIMDAY open house event is being held at the Wyndham Hotel in Tashkent, on Monday June 17, and will feature the market leading sheet metal software, RADAN.

Dreambird team members will be supporting the event by taking part in panel discussions and workshops, and demonstrating RADAN’s powerful CAD/CAM functionality, along with its offline bending module, Radbend…highlighting their value for manufacturing logistics and order management for civil and industrial construction.

BIMDAY 2019 will comprise multiple presentations of ne design and construction solutions and technologies from a variety of organisations, enabling delegates to gain new professional knowledge and meet their industry peers.

ALCOR represents the four Production Software products across both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.   


Published on MTD CNC by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence on 11 June 2019

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