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Guhring Brings PCD production to the UK
Guhring Brings PCD production to the UK

Guhring Brings PCD production to the UK

The Guhring range of PCD cutting tools has historically arrived in the UK from Germany. However, the move to a new manufacturing facility two years ago has given Guhring UK the capacity and capability to bring more of its production into the UK, rather than rely upon supply from headquarters in Germany. 

Nicky Erics from Guhring UK says: “In the past we have been reliant on Germany of PCD tooling, especially the tool bodies. The new factory in Birmingham allows us to bring this production in-house whether its carbide or steel bodies. We can do everything in-house and we are less reliant on Germany. The advantages are many and this includes the time saving, which is much improved as we can do everything internally from design and manufacture through to customer delivery. This also includes lapping, re-tipping and servicing the tool. This brings the lead time down and provides a better service to our customers.”

“This all encompassing service is a massive benefit to Guhring and its customers as many of our competitors will send their tooling abroad for servicing and re-tipping processes. This is particularly important with Brexit coming along. Customers want their products ever faster, especially the automotive industry. So, having the facility to provide the complete service with exceptional quality from the UK is a huge selling point for Guhring UK. 

The typical customer for the Guhring PCD line is quite diverse, as Nicky continues: “A lot of our PCD tooling is supplied to the automotive and aerospace industries, both subcontract and OEM markets. Whilst 2018 was a record year for Guhring UK, our PCD range was a major growth area through 2018. We have a big PCD facility in Birmingham and we now have the capabilities to churn out more tools than ever before.


Published on MTD CNC by Guhring Ltd on 30 April 2019

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