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High level of accuracy with side milling cutter
High level of accuracy with side milling cutter

High level of accuracy with side milling cutter

An additional, free-form surface chamfer on the cutting edge creates a stable wedge. In turn, this results in smooth milling and helps extend tool life. The surface treatment applied to the milling cutter body provides it with hardness and strength, ensuring long-term protection against abrasive chips.

The side milling cutter is based on Horn's M610 system and is offered in two versions. The first has a diameter of 100mm and five effective inserts in cut, requiring ten inserts screwed onto the periphery on either side of the body. The other version is of 125mm diameter and uses 12 inserts to provide six effective cutting edges.

On both versions the cutting width is 16mm, while maximum groove depth is 34.5mm. Indexable inserts are available with corner radii of 0.4 or 0.8mm. For the substrate, HORN has opted for the proven, tough AS4B. The main body versions are available from stock as a side milling cutter with bore or as an arbour milling cutter.

Published on MTD CNC by Horn Cutting Tools UK on 15 January 2019

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