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ITC Publishes Issue 14 Product Catalogue
ITC Publishes Issue 14 Product Catalogue

ITC Publishes Issue 14 Product Catalogue

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) Ltd has now released its 2019 product catalogue. Packed with innovative solutions, the Tamworth cutting tool experts have introduced a host of new and extended product lines that are destined to impress the industry throughout 2019.

The UK manufacturer of high quality technically advanced cutting tools has published Issue 14 of its catalogue to update new and existing customers of the ingenious milling, drilling, threading and specialist milling lines that are now on offer. The latest edition of the catalogue incorporates ITC’s updated pricing structure for 2019 as well as having a fresh-look trochoidal milling section.

Commenting upon the latest edition of the catalogue, ITC’s Marketing Manager, Georgia Graves says: “We are always attentive to the demands of the marketplace and in particular specific customer feedback. Whilst we have an already market leading line of trochoidal milling product lines, we have extended the trochoidal milling section of this latest catalogue. ITC has added even more extended reach and stub-length tools to enhance the already exceptional performance parameters our range provides.”

“In addition to this, our investment in high-end grinding centres for ultra precision grinding of micro-tools has given us the facility to manufacture milling tools down to diameters in the 1mm range with a variety of corner radii to suit the specific needs of engineers in the ‘micro-machining’ industry.”

To view and download a copy of the latest ITC Issue 14 product catalogue, please visit Alternately, if you would like to receive a printed edition of the catalogue, please contact your local ITC representative or call the Tamworth office on: 01827 304500.

Published on MTD CNC by ITC LTD on 04 February 2019

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