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Tungaloy Joins the WEAF and MAA
Tungaloy Joins the WEAF and MAA

Tungaloy Joins the WEAF and MAA

As part of its strategic drive to infiltrate the aerospace market and introduce the aviation sector to its innovative cutting tool solutions, Tungaloy UK has joined both the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA) and the West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF).

Tungaloy has an enviable reputation in the global aerospace sector and its decades of expertise and ingenious product lines will now be introduced to members of both organisations through networking and events. As proud members of both the WEAF Aerospace & Defence Networking Group (www.weaf.co.uk) and the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (www.midlandsaerospace.org.uk), Tungaloy will be actively participating in events and collaborative projects to further raise awareness of the Japanese cutting tool brand.

The West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF) is a trade organisation that is passionate about all aspects of aerospace and defence with a partner base that represents everything from SMEs to global corporations. It is acknowledged as one of the largest aerospace and defence associations in Europe.

The Midlands Alliance represents one of the world’s biggest aerospace clusters – being the home location to nearly 25% of the UK aerospace industry, 7% per cent of Europe's and 3% of the world's aero sector. More than 300 organisations belong to the MAA, ranging from global players Meggitt, Moog Aircraft Group, Rolls-Royce and UTC Aerospace Systems to small supply chain companies and key regional partner.

Following wide spread success in the UK and Global Aerospace sector, Tungaloy has extensive knowledge and experience of the global aviation and defense sectors and by joining both organisations, Tungaloy is looking to transfer its expertise, knowledge base and product lines to members of the two groups.

Commenting upon joining WEAF and the MAA, Tungaloy UK Managing Director, Mr Rob Werhun says: “Tungaloy has an exceptional reputation and track record in the global aerospace industry and this is lesser known in the UK. By joining the Midlands Aerospace Alliance and the West of England Aerospace Forum, we are making a concerted effort to introduce everyone from small subcontractors through to OEMs to the Tungaloy solutions for turning, milling, drilling and grooving, which are particularly vital to aerospace manufacturers in their pursuit of quality, performance, and innovation. Developed by aerospace experts working for generations with aviation and defense OEMs, the Tungaloy product lines are destined to provide huge benefits to the UK aero sector. By joining these prestigious groups, Tungaloy will be building relationships with this key marketplace.”

Published on MTD CNC by Tungaloy on 19 September 2018

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