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Tungaloy’s TurnTen-Feed Makes Light Work of Heavy Turning
Tungaloy’s TurnTen-Feed Makes Light Work of Heavy Turning

Tungaloy’s TurnTen-Feed Makes Light Work of Heavy Turning

Tungaloy has now launched its impressive new TurnTen-Feed turning series that maximises machining performance and efficiency when undertaking medium to heavy turning operations. Components manufactured in the aerospace, power generation and heavy industry sectors typically require high material removal rates and extended machining hours with longevity and guaranteed performance characteristics, all features now delivered by the TurnTen-Feed turning series.

Such large and expensive components call for high machining reliability and tool life predictability, challenging manufacturers to find ways to improve productivity and efficiency - the TurnTen-Feed from Tungaloy now resolves the performance, material removal rate and tool life challenges being faced by manufacturers.  

The TurnTen-Feed inserts feature 10 cost-efficient cutting edges in double-sided format that is mounted in a secure Dovetail clamping toolholder design that ensures high insert reliability and stability during demanding operations. The dedicated -MNW style chipbreaker is designed to ensure smooth chip flow while the wiper geometry built into the cutting edge allows high-feed machining at a rate of up to 2mm per/rev to be applied for accelerated machining. 

Two insert sizes are available with the POMG110612 designation available with a 15.875mm I.C. (inscribed circle diameter) and the POMG130612 in 19.05mm I.C. This offers tremendous cost efficiency over standard ISO inserts with equivalent I.C. parameters such as the CNMM1606 and SNMM1906. The Tungaloy TurnTen-Feed turning series is available with insert grades that include the T9215, T9125 and T9225 from the Tungaloy T9200 Series of CVD grades. The numerous grade offerings generate unparalleled cutting performance in high speed turning applications. 

Two types of tool holders are available to extend the turning application range. The HD (High Depth-of-cut) holder is suitable for depths-of-cut up to 7mm whereas the HF (High Feed) holder enables high feed turning at speeds up to 2mm per/rev. The two types of holders can accommodate either type of insert.

Published on MTD CNC by Tungaloy on 16 May 2019

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