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Power and productivity for the future
Power and productivity for the future
Power and productivity for the future
Power and productivity for the future

Power and productivity for the future

At whatever stage manufacturers may be in the process of sheet metalworking automation, TRUMPF Open House will help them develop new ideas and the best solutions. Visitors will be able to speak with technology experts and see the latest generation machines, lasers and software in action to gain inspiration for their own production facility.

The event is designed to empower the manufacturing community to make production more efficient, flexible and adapted to a highly competitive market. This is the ideal forum for manufacturers to see how they can benefit from Industry 4.0 and explore the potential of networked production using innovative TruConnect solutions that allow step-by-step integration, tailored to their needs.

TRUMPF brings this concept to life with an autonomous laser cutting demonstration with Active Speed Control on the new TruLaser 5030 fiber, 10kW laser cutting machine.  This new technology monitors the kerf through the nozzle, oversees the cutting process and independently regulates feed rate.  The focus is on maximising both speed and safety, allowing productivity to be taken to the next level.

Manufacturers will learn how TRUMPF Smart Services, such as Easy Order, Service App and Remote Service can simplify their daily work; they will also be able explore the advantages of the MyTRUMPF customer portal.

Other highlights will be a new model of the TruLaser 3030 fiber laser cutting machine with automation and the new generation of TruBend 7000 series machine - the ergonomic high-speed bending solution. TRUMPF Power Tools will present the new TruTool TKA 1500 beveller and FCN 250 composite nibbler

Register via the following link: www.trumpf.com/s/open-house or via email to marketing@uk.trumpf.com

Published on MTD CNC by TRUMPF on 11 April 2019

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