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DMG MORI at EMO 2019
DMG MORI at EMO 2019
DMG MORI at EMO 2019
DMG MORI at EMO 2019
DMG MORI at EMO 2019
DMG MORI at EMO 2019
DMG MORI at EMO 2019
DMG MORI at EMO 2019

DMG MORI at EMO 2019

Actively shaping the digital future: High technology machines with consistent connectivity, my DMG MORI Customer Portal, customer-oriented automation solutions and additive manufacturing on the DMG MORI stand at EMO 2019.

Automation and digitisation in Hall 2


  • 27 automated exhibits, among them modular and robotic workpiece handling and pallet handling up to autonomous transport systems 
  • Integrated digitisation: Intelligent services and applications with integral connectivity for networked production 
  • Over 30 digital innovations including new CELOS APPs, extensive
    DMG MORI Monitoring, efficient production planning and control as well as web-based maintenance optimisation
  • my DMG MORI: Unique customer portal for more transparency, quality, and speed in all service processes 
  • Additive manufacturing: Open process chain from simulation and build through to service and consulting
  • DMG MORI Technology Excellence: Process solutions including certification through to green field projects


DMG MORI is the global leader in 42 technology sectors and the foremost manufacturer of metal cutting machine tools worldwide. It underscores this position at this year’s EMO with groundbreaking developments for the production of the future. From 16th to 21th September 2019, DMG MORI will use the industry’s leading trade fair to present the latest innovations in the fields of automation, integrated digitisation and additive manufacturing. 27 of the 45 exhibits in Hall 2 at the North entrance will be presented with automation solutions. Where digitisation is concerned, DMG MORI will be focusing on the topic of connectivity as the basis for all future-oriented products and technologies. The connectivity includes all machines, all protocols, and works with all platforms and products. The latest CELOS version update and automation solutions – among them modular and robotic workpiece handling as well as pallet handling solutions – round off the exhibits. The new customer portal my DMG MORI will also be presented. The DMG MORI Technology Excellence Centers for the key industries Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mould and Medical complete DMG MORI’s trade fair presence.


Automated value creation with all DMG MORI machines

The WH CELL and WH FLEX are just two of the 27 automation solutions that DMG MORI will be showcasing at EMO. After the successful start of
DMG MORI HEITEC at the end of 2017, several dozen projects are being realised. In future, DMG MORI will offer all the machine tools in its portfolio with automation solutions, in order to meet the massive and steadily increasing demand. Another highlight among the numerous automation solutions in Hall 2 is the DMU 65 monoBLOCK with a new AGV (automated guided vehicle), a stand-alone system for pallet automation. This innovative solution offers a flexible automation layout with free access to the machine and an intelligent safety concept for human-machine collaboration.

Integrated Digitisation:

Intelligent services and applications with integral connectivity for networked production 

For DMG MORI, connectivity constitutes one of the core features on the path to the digital factory, because only open interfaces and standardised communication protocols can ensure future-oriented end-to-end integration and interoperability of machines and processes. That is why in future all new machines from DMG MORI will be connectivity compliant in their standard versions at no extra cost. The new IIoT interface supports both the standard MQTT and MTconnect protocols as well as the new umati (universal machine and tool interface) standard based on OPC UA. 

DMG MORI will be presenting the new CELOS APPs in line with its focus on integrated connectivity. The new APPLICATION CONNECTOR, for example, enables the operation of all web-based applications directly via CELOS. So direct interaction with MES or ERP systems is possible as is access to specialised customer applications. The new JOB IMPORT feature enables orders to be imported directly from MES or ERP into the CELOS JOB MANAGER.

Maximum customer benefit is also the focus of the new digital customer portal my DMG MORI. DMG MORI brings together its initiatives “Integrated Digitisation”, “First Quality” and “Customer First”. The result is a unique online portal for interactive cooperation between DMG MORI and its customers.

Among other things, service requests may in future be started virtually at the press of a button via my DMG MORI. The interactive request form prevents any misunderstandings. Specific service requests and optionally attached photos or videos now immediately reach the right DMG MORI service expert, while the “Tracking & Tracing” function ensures transparency for all service processes and procedures. Even orders for spare parts can be tracked down to the exact minute.


Open process chain from simulation and build cycle through to service and consulting 

Four complete process chains for additive manufacturing with powder bed and powder nozzle technology make DMG MORI the global leader in additive manufacturing. The powder bed machines in the LASERTEC SLM series are designed for productive manufacture of complex workpieces. The precision of selective laser melting enables the realisation of complex geometries that would be impossible to produce with conventional methods. The series includes the successful LASERTEC 30 SLM 2nd Generation with a 300 × 300 × 300 mm build volume and the LASERTEC 12 SLM, which owes its unique accuracy to its focus diameter of just 35 µm. The fast powder change using the rePLUG powder modules takes less than two hours. The OPTOMET software enables automatic calculation of all process parameters within days instead of months. Layer thicknesses, for example, can be calculated freely, which in turn enables a faster and therefore more productive build.

As a powder nozzle machine developed primarily for larger workpieces of up to ø 500 x 400 mm and weights of 600 kg, the LASERTEC 65 3D hybrid unites the build of workpieces using laser deposition welding and 5-axis simultaneous milling operations in a single setup. This hybrid approach enables the production of highly complex geometries in finished-part quality as well as the use of different materials in one workpiece. DMG MORI will present the LASERTEC 65 3D hybrid at EMO with a series of monitoring and calibration sensors, which boost process reliability and further enhance the quality of additively produced components. Furthermore, laser deposition welding is also suitable for the repair of tools. DMG MORI will be showcasing an automated concept for this at EMO.

DMG MORI Technology Excellence:

Process solutions including certification through to green field projects 

For several years now DMG MORI has successfully operated its Technology Excellence Centers which focus on the key Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mould and Medical industries. Their strategy is to work closely with customers in the very early project phases in order to realise optimum manufacturing concepts. The focus here has long shifted away from just machine tools to encompass integral process solutions including certification and on through to green field projects for the required applications. DMG MORI cooperates in this respect with numerous partners so that optimum tools, workholding equipment and automation solutions can be integrated. The range of services is so extensive that DMG MORI even supports its customers in the area of certifications, when, for example, entering into a new industry such as the medical sector. The DMG MORI Technology Excellence Centers offer all services necessary for the successful conclusion of a project from a single source.


Published on MTD CNC by DMG MORI on 11 July 2019

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