As the UK Votes 'OUT', the MTA makes its initial statement... |

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As the UK Votes 'OUT', the MTA makes its initial statement...
As the UK Votes 'OUT', the MTA makes its initial statement...

As the UK Votes 'OUT', the MTA makes its initial statement...

After more than two months of political debate that has at times appeared to deliver farcical claims and counter-claims, the referendum is finally over with a 52% vote in favour of the 'OUT' campaign. Whether you were campaigning 'IN' or 'OUT', there is little doubt that this political debate has stirred the emotion like no other. The MTD team conducted numerous interviews with industry heavyweights in the build-up to the referendum to help you decide, and we hope they were informative in helping you make your choice.

The aftermath of the 'OUT' result is something that will have us all guessing about the political, social, economic and above all, our personal business interests for some time to come. Within hours of the result, the MTA's CEO, Mr James Selka issued this statement: "Like the rest of country, MTA members will have been engrossed in the referendum over the last few weeks. The MTA took a position, based on the views of our members, of supporting the UK in remaining within the EU. But now that the decision has been reached, we have to work hard to protect the future of the UK’s manufacturing technologies sector."

"Maintaining access to the single market is of paramount importance, something widely agreed on across the political spectrum. Great care must be taken during the negotiation process to protect manufacturing’s interests and we will be working hard in the UK and in Brussels for that outcome. We believe that we can leverage UK manufacturing’s reputation for innovation and flexibility to secure the best possible deal for our members outside the EU.”

Nobody knows what the long term permutations of this referendum will be, but the fall-out is already claiming political casualties with PM David Cameron announcing his autumn resignation, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn receiving a motion of 'no-confidence' from within his party and Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon using the 'leave' decision as fuel to fire-up a second Scottish independence referendum. All this has happened within a matter of hours of the result, and we haven't even mentioned the stock markets and the valuation of the pound.

Whatever the outcome, rest assured that MTD will be on-hand to give you the inside track from a manufacturing perspective. After all, we are in this together regardless of our business interests and motives...

Published on MTD CNC by on 24 June 2016

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