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OPEN MIND Sells 3 CAM Seats in First Few Days of MACH
OPEN MIND Sells 3 CAM Seats in First Few Days of MACH

OPEN MIND Sells 3 CAM Seats in First Few Days of MACH

MACH 2018 started in spectacular fashion for OPEN MIND Technologies with the CAM specialist selling three seats of hyperMILL CAM software from its stand H17-620 in the first couple of days. Located at the entrance to Hall 17, the prime position yielded an unprecedented level of enquiries and three sales in quick succession.

Two of the seats were sold to prestigious subcontract manufacturers whilst a third seat was sold to Iver based Newmax Precision. The Buckinghamshire aerospace and defense manufacturer is taking delivery of its first 5-axis machining centre in July, a Matsuura MX330. Realising its existing CAM software will not deliver the 5-axis machining strategies to drive the Matsuura, Newmax Precision Director Mr Adrian Bundy visited MACH to buy a seat of 5-axis CAM software.

Newmax first viewed OPEN MIND's hyperMILL package on MTDCNC and conversations with its local supply chain persuaded the company to invest in hyperMILL. Following a demonstration at MACH 2018, Newmax was impressed by features in hyperMILL that enable the subcontractor to program parts and import job lists and functions to subsequent components. Additionally, the intuitive features within hyperMILL persuaded the 5-axis newcomer to select the leading package.

Published on MTD CNC by OPEN MIND on 19 April 2018

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