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Digi-Pas Takes a Measured Approach and Joins MTDCNC
Digi-Pas Takes a Measured Approach and Joins MTDCNC

Digi-Pas Takes a Measured Approach and Joins MTDCNC

The latest company to join the MTDCNC platform is Digi-Pas UK - Tarax Technology Ltd, the representative for all Digi-Pas® and eGeeTouch® brand product lines in the UK and Southern Europe.

Who are Digi-Pas and what do they do..?

Digi-Pas is a world-leading manufacturer of Digi-Pas® intelligent inclinometers, scientific levelling and angular measuring instruments that provide a full range of digital level, 2-axis precision electronic tilt angles, surface flatness and 2D alignment-diagnostic instruments specifically developed for professionals, specialists, tradesmen and even DIY users.

For the machine tool industry, Digi-Pas equipment can be relied upon to deliver precise, fast and reliable levelling measurement of machine tools and associated equipment. Ideal for applications, installation and service engineers as well as subcontract manufacturers, the Digi-Pas series of equipment is a robust and recognised platform for ensuring your machine tools operate at maximum precision levels.

The USA Company has offices located in Japan, UK, Germany and Singapore and it holds over 30 registered patents in the field of advanced technology deployment to electronic devices and manufacturing processes.

DigiPas specialises in the development and manufacture of high performance, high quality and affordable digital levels and smart inclinometers to replace the use of traditional spirit 'bubble' levels and conventional single-axis inclinometers. These instruments are built with advanced 2-Axis & 3-Axis Super-MEMS Technology, and precisely compensated for nonlinearity and temperature variation to effectively withstand stringent operating environments.

Providing a wide-range of angle measurement/tracking/monitoring from 0° to 360° at resolutions of 0.1°, 0.05°, 0.01°, 0.001°, & 0.0002° (5µm/M or 1 arc/sec), the Digi-Pas range has a small footprint and high shock/impact resistant (6,000g), providing unparalleled performance and benefits to field engineers. For further details, keep an eye on MTDCNC for updates and videos or alternately visit the Digi-Pas website.


Published on MTD CNC by Digi-Pas on 26 January 2018

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