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Gewefa expands M96+ER hydraulic chuck range
Gewefa expands M96+ER hydraulic chuck range

Gewefa expands M96+ER hydraulic chuck range

Following the successful introduction of Gewefa’s innovative M96+ER hydraulic chuck with an internal thread connection the range has been expanded to include an external thread version which now permits  connection to all driven tools with ER spindles.

The Gewefa M96+ER hydraulic chuck is a highly flexible toolholding system that fixes on the collet location of ER driven head spindles.  And, being a hydraulic chuck, offers exceptional all around grip on the cutter with anti-vibration damping for improved surface finish. 

As a result, there is consistent spindle run out and automatic centering of the inner and outer taper (to virtually zero). The M96+ER is available in popular ER options of ER16, 20, 25 and 32 accommodating cutter diameters in a range of 5-20mm.

To discuss individual requirements contact Gewefa on 01225 811666 or contact

Published on MTD CNC by Gewefa UK Limited on 12 June 2019

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