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DTS Announces New Machine Tool Agency
DTS Announces New Machine Tool Agency
DTS Announces New Machine Tool Agency
DTS Announces New Machine Tool Agency

DTS Announces New Machine Tool Agency

DTS (UK) Ltd has now been announced as the new sole agent and supplier for the Geminis brand of turning centres for UK and Ireland. Highly regarded for its technical sales and service in the large scale milling arena, DTS now has the capability to offer large scale turning with the premium Geminis brand.

The Spanish manufactured Geminis brand already has a significant presence in the UK and Ireland and its aims of expanding this geographical territory is why the company approached DTS. Typically, the Geminis brand is highly-regarded for its large scale turning centres with chuck sizes from 1 to 3.5m and bed lengths from 1 to 25m. Within these colossal envelopes, the Geminis line-up can be offered as a bespoke solution with everything from simple 2-axis turning through to C and Y-axis multi-tasking turning solutions.

Gary Sanderson from DTS says: “This is a huge step forward for us at DTS to now offer the Geminis range. This is a premium product but at a very attractive price. It strengthens our machine tool portfolio and lets us grow our customer base old and new. We always take pride in offering a technical solution like no other company and when you see what solutions Geminis offer, then it is no surprise why they have a strong market share in this field. It is another proud moment for us at DTS, especially when large scale machine tool manufactures recognise you in this way.”

Geminis has a number of established UK installations that are based upon the exceptional power, rigidity, torque and overall performance of this impressive brand. Moving forward, DTS will be aiming to build upon this enviable machine tool reputation, offering it’s existing and potential new customers a new and exciting machine tool portfolio.

Published on MTD CNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 24 August 2018

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