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DTS have a record-breaking beginning to 2019
DTS have a record-breaking beginning to 2019

DTS have a record-breaking beginning to 2019

January was a successful month of growth for DTS and a substantial beginning to 2019. With the onboarding of clients and building strong relationships with new customers, the company has welcomed new custom with their famous “Correa”, “Geminis” and “Honor Seiki” machine tools, which always attract huge interest across the UK market.

The DTS brand continues to strengthen by offering service, support and back-up which is constantly improving and advances to establish a strong sense of community by providing the best possible buying process for manufacturing businesses, leading to positive feedback which plays a pivotal role in company growth.

DTS are also excited to announce the release of a brand-new brochure, which will be released in early 2019 and will contain information about new products and upcoming events, as well as highlighting the strengths of the companies service infrastructure built on the simple principle of satisfying engineer's requirements on breakdown and maintenance of all machine tool brands.

The beginning of the year also saw DTS employ a new Sales Coordinator, Lauren Pye. Lauren is enthusiastic and eager to get stuck into her new role. With strong experience in the engineering industry, Lauren has worked in engineering since she left school training as an electrician and decided to change her career path away from the tools; focusing on developing her role in the industry further.

She is very passionate about her new endeavour and enthusiastic about promoting what DTS has to offer.

Published on MTD CNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 04 February 2019

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