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Kitamura Offer High Precision Vertical Machining Centres
Kitamura Offer High Precision Vertical Machining Centres

Kitamura Offer High Precision Vertical Machining Centres

Kitamura, a quality Japanese manufacturer, is a renowned company which has been in the machine tool sector since 1933, family owned and operated, offering VMC’s, HMC’s, Bridgecentres and 5-axis machining centres.

Their vertical machining centre range is ideal for aerospace, oil & gas, medical and general engineering.

Starting with Kitamura's smallest single table vertical machining centre, the 3XD uses a 26kW spindle motor developing 177N.m of torque to machine components up to 800kg in weight.

Another powerful VMC from Kitamura, the Mycenter-2XSP, has a floor area of only 7M². The capacity of this twin pallet vertical machining centre has been increased by 50% over the previous model. It has a 12,000rpm spindle and, using a 26kW NRG drive, develops 177N.m of torque for heavy duty cutting.

The newest vertical machining centre is the Mycenter-3020G. This machine is a super compact machining centre which provides high precision and optimum machining capability. Designed to deliver maximum performance and productivity, it is also available with a 180 degree rotating 2-pallet system.

The Mycenter-4XiD features solid box guideways which are designed to provide maximum rigidity and absorb vibration. The BBT 40/50 taper spindles, driven by a 26kW motor, deliver up to 662N.m of torque for maximum metal removal in the toughest conditions.

Published on MTD CNC by Leader CNC Technologies Ltd on 07 January 2019

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