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Bruker Alicona µCMM
Bruker Alicona µCMM

Bruker Alicona µCMM

The centerpiece of Bruker Alicona was their new MicroCMM optical metrology system at Control 2019. See the video HERE

The Micro CMM is the first fully optical CMM available in the market and represents an important step change in measurement technology available to engineers. It is a conventional CMM, it measures surface finish, it measures 3D form and has full GD&T capabilities.

Firstly, as a conventional CMM  it has the ability to measure internal and external dimensions using optical vertical probing within a measurement volume of 310 x 310 x 310mm. The MicroCMM is also a 3D surface metrology system and this allows the measurement of surface finish, using the same single measurement sensor, this removes any requirement to change sensors/measurement heads and recalibration for each measurement. Also, as a 3D measurement system it can accurately measure the geometry of surface features with full GD&T capabilities. Automation is also available enabling repeat measurements to be made free of human involvement ensuring repeatability. The 3Axis machine can be made into a 5 axis machine by adding an advanced real 3D rotation system, this then allows the measurement of circular components or complex machined components that cannot be measured from one side.

Accuracy, based on ISO 10360-8,  is E=(0.8 + L/600)µm (L in mm)

Convenience of use has been one of the major design criteria in the development of the product, this is achieved through simple to use hand held control pad and automatic magazine exchange of optics that can be programmed to operate at precise locations.

The system is available for demonstration and details can be obtained from your local Bruker Alicona office or from the website at


Published on MTD CNC by Bruker Alicona on 26 June 2019

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