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Imperial and metric high quality metrology fixtures
Imperial and metric high quality metrology fixtures

Imperial and metric high quality metrology fixtures

Global engineering technologies company Renishaw is introducing a ¼ 20 imperial thread size to its existing metrology fixtures product range. Customers globally will benefit from all fixturing components being available in M4, M6, M8 and ¼ 20 thread sizes. The Renishaw ¼-20 fixturing range will be available for first release early 2019.

A range of modular and custom fixturing and software is available for use with co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), Renishaw Equator™ gauges and vision systems. Using high quality metrology fixtures can improve throughput, reproducibility and accuracy of inspection processes with quick repeatable fixturing set-ups.

Renishaw is focused on bringing new and improved metrology fixtures to market; increasing our capability to deliver advanced metrology technologies and develop our turnkey solutions. These solutions play a key role within highly automated manufacturing environments in industries such as aerospace, automotive and electronics.

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Published on MTD CNC by Renishaw plc on 04 August 2018

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