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ZEISS launches new Metrology Portal
ZEISS launches new Metrology Portal

ZEISS launches new Metrology Portal

24/7 availability and automated processes

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions extends its previous digital solutions by launching the ZEISS Metrology Portal. All ZEISS services are networked connected on the customer portal, enabling users to access the entire array of digital ZEISS services with just a single login. "The goal of the customer platform is to offer our customers outstanding, easy-to-use services and solutions, including continuous 24/7 availability, easy operation and automated processes," says Fabian Peschel, Digital Product Owner for the ZEISS Metrology Portal.

Digital services for metrology customers
ZEISS customers can monitor their system fleet and software and find all relevant information quickly and easily – all in one place. A new customer forum will also be available, replacing the existing one. Here users can sign up for topic-specific updates and send private messages. They can also submit maintenance and service requests online to those available technicians available. And with the customized configuration, customers can opt to receive a message when new software is available.

ZEISS plan to develop the platform further in the future, by adding new and exciting features such as access to online training and system-relevant documents. With customer satisfaction at the forefront of their agenda, ZEISS always rely on customer feedback and use this to continuously improve their services. For example, the new functionalities of the service ticket and the overview of the ZEISS systems were developed, tried out and improved in trail phases directly with their customers.

Easy access with one login
In order to access the customer portal and all of its services, the customers simply register with a ZEISS ID. This central log-in component allows customers to register for all current and future digital services, from the portal to apps and other digital products.

Customers quickly and easily register for the portal at: portal.zeiss.com

Webinar: Introduction to the new ZEISS Metrology Portal
ZEISS will be hosting a short online session on Tuesday 26th February, 09:30 - 10:00, giving a virtual tour around the new ZEISS Metrology Portal. Attendees can learn how to raise technical service requests, download the latest software updates and get the most out of their ZEISS measurement technology. Registration is open now at: www.zeiss.co.uk/metrology-portal-webinar

Published on MTD CNC by ZEISS on 22 January 2019

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