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Johnford SL70B - CNC lathe

Johnford SL70B - CNC lathe
Johnford SL70B - CNC lathe

Supplied by DTS (UK) Ltd

Added to MTD CNC: 29 September 2011
DTS (UK) Ltd was founded in 2005 by Gary Sanderson and Andrew Bailey, each well respected and with a wealth of experience in the machine tool industry. read more

Detailed spec

The Johnford SL70B is a CNC lathe with a 12 inch chuck capacity and a turning length of 1550mm. This machine has a 700mm swing over bed and a bar capacity of 116mm. This machine has a spindle speed of 2000 rpm and the machine is driven by a Fanuc control. Machine options include

1.C-axis (C . S axis with angle encoder but no gear box / C.F axis with gear box)
3.Contact tool setting system (Renishaw TS-20 or BULM NT-A2 / NT-A3 )
4.Parts catcher
5.Tool holders (VDI type)
6.Programmable hydraulic tailstock (for SL-20/30/40/40L)
7.Bar feeder interface (or bar feeder)
8.Auto Hi-Lo gear box (for SL-20/30/40/40L)
9.Rotary tailstock
10.Manual guide i / 0i (0iTD ) Manual guide i (18i T / 21i T)
11.Angle encoder for C-axis


Phone for more information 01536 647 066 ( Ref 3941 )

Available to purchase from DTS (UK) Ltd

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