SOLD! VERY SPECIAL OFFER:CELLRO Dominator & Matsuura MX-520 5 axis. UK Stock |

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SOLD! VERY SPECIAL OFFER:CELLRO Dominator & Matsuura MX-520 5 axis. UK Stock

Supplied by Matsuura Machinery Ltd

Added to MTD CNC: 11 July 2017

Matsuura have been manufactured in Japan since 1935, and have pioneered innovative design, development and manufacture of high-quality machining centres. Matsuura produces a range of outstanding high precision machining centres covering all industry sectors....

Detailed spec

SOLD! STOCK OFFER; This demonstrator model has proven itself time & again at our Leicestershire facility over the past year. We can now offer this versatile & productive automation solution at a substantially discounted price.

Do you operate a 5 axis Matsuura MX-520? Need an extra unmanned shift? Need more profit from your investment? Introducing …Dominator.

This is a modular design developed with automation partners CELLRO that grows with your business & production requirements. Dominator is a cost effective integrated system to fully automate your Matsuura MX Series 5 axis machine.

Dominator is capable of integrating 2off MX machines for maximum unmanned running & outstanding levels of sustained, reliable production.

Not only does the Dominator load & unload your billets and fixturing into the machine, it also loads extra tools into the ATC carousel when your workload requires.

Why Dominator? Simple - we see this as the definitive add on modular automation & unmanned running system for your Matsuura MX-Series 5 axis machine, a system that will come to dominate the after market automation of our single table 5 axis MX range.

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Phone for more information 01536 647 066 ( Ref 63279 )

Available to purchase from Matsuura Machinery Ltd

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