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Sodick AQ55L Cavity Sinking EDM

Sodick AQ55L Cavity Sinking EDM
Sodick AQ55L Cavity Sinking EDM

Supplied by Sodi-Tech

Added to MTD CNC: 03 August 2010
Sodi-Tech EDM Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Sodick EDM products in the UK. A wide range of Sodick wire-cut and sink EDM machines are on display at our large... read more

Detailed spec

Sodick AQ55L The fastest cavity sinking EDM in terms of precision for workpieces up to 1000 kg. Linear motors for the x, y, and z axes, Ceramic components, Sodick Motion Control (SMC) for optimal spark gaps, High-precision positioning along all axes, Ultra fast AQ55L with CPU (continuous production unit), High-speed machining, Machining without flushing, SQ mode polishing, Feed-forward CNC unit 3D LQ1, Power-saving generator, Numerous optional variants.

  •  X/Y/Z axis travel (mm) 550 x 400 x 350
  • Work tank dimension (mm) 950 x 725 x 410
  • Machine table (W x D, mm) 750 x 550
  • Max. workpiece weight (kg) 1000
  • Electrode chuck EROWA ITS
  • Max. electrode weight (kg) 50
  • Max. electrode weight with C axis (kg) 0.0001
  • Max. positioning speed (mm/s) 10
  • ACT electrode positions 32
  • Controlled axes (inc C-axis) 4


Phone for more information 01536 647 066 ( Ref 2794 )

Available to purchase from Sodi-Tech

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