MistBuster Cleans Up In 11 Seconds

    MistBuster Cleans Up In 11 Seconds

    Supplied By Brown and Holmes

    Added to MTD CNC: Sat Mar 21 2020

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    Detailed Specification

    This MB850 unit was on display at the EMO 2019.

    Watch the short video below to find out more.- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vjV-rpPc3Q

    As you can see in this demonstration it clears the mist from the perspex cube.

    This unit would be fitted to a mid-to large CNC machine of around 10-20 m3 internal capacity.

    The benefits of an electrostatic system over a centrifugal system are;

    Running costs are around 50% less than a centrifugal system.

    MistBuster units delivers 99.97% efficiency without a replacement HEPA filter.

    No replacement filters are required.

    All coolant is returned to the sump.

    Easy, fast & cheap to maintain.

    For more info contact Brown & Holmes or me directly.

    Phone: 01827 63591