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Tebis CAD/CAM for Fabrication Machinery

Supplied by TEBIS UK

Added to MTD CNC: 23 May 2019

For over 30 years, Tebis has ensured process efficiency and a technological edge in international die, mold and model manufacturing, in industrial design and in machinery and equipment. We work responsibly and follow clear principles, wholly in the interest...

Detailed spec

Tebis has over 30 years providing process automated CAD/CAM solutions to industries as diverse as Automotive, Aerospace, Model Mould and Die tooling manufacturers, Oil and Gas, Marine, Consumer Products and Medical engineering parts.

Tebis solutions include applications developed and tailored to improve industry specific processes. Our CAD includes reverse engineering functionality capable to produce pre-Class A surfaces bridging digitised models with styling, model making, and engineering applications within the Automotive, and Marine sectors.

Tebis CAD is rich in real life “model for manufacture” analysis tools to provide key feedback about the product manufacturability prior to committing to production, drastically reducing or eliminating the need to re-develop the correspondent processes or re-manufacture.

With a clean, modern yet powerful, graphical user interface, Tebis provides a single environment for all your manufacturing needs: 2 to 5 Axis Milling, Turning, Turn-Mill, Mill-Turn, 5 Axis Trimming, 5Axis Laser cutting, 5 Axis Water Jet cutting, Robot offline programming, Electrode manufacture, and Wire EDM.

Tebis is about getting your programs right first time, with unique levels of automation for the most complex parts. The toolpaths for entire processes are calculated with knowledge of the “digital toolroom” taking into consideration the machine limits and kinematics, exact cutting tool geometries, tool holders, material, the optimum machining parameters, and post-processors. This also guarantees high quality surface finish. Tebis is also unique in its strict post-processor sign-off procedures.

Tebis product structuring has a significant impact in the way we can produce software configurations.

We are able to provide industry specific solutions with the right functionality required. This leads to streamlined and cost-effective high end software configurations, with the functionality your application requires.

Finally, Tebis customers have the flexibility to choose the business model that best suits their investment, being permanent or rental licensing.

Get in touch with the team today to arrange a demonstration! Simply click here and fill out the form. We will be happy to help you.

Phone for more information 01536 647 066 ( Ref 64149 )

Available to purchase from TEBIS UK

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