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Citizen Cincom L Series L20-VIII

Citizen Cincom L Series L20-VIII
Citizen Cincom L Series L20-VIII

Supplied by Citizen Machinery

Added to MTD CNC: 27 April 2018
Citizen Machinery UK Ltd, based in Bushey, is a CNC machine tool specialist supplying the latest CNC turning technology to UK industry. Following a merger in... read more

Detailed spec

Citizen’s best-selling L series machines have been relaunched with 4 different models using a common platform and a comprehensive range of tool holders compatible with other models.

The new L20-VIII offers increased flexibility with up to 37 tool capability.

Another major feature is the ability to switch between use and a guide busing type and guide bushing-less type. This feature is provided as standard; the guide bushing can be fitted or removed very quickly with a simple operation.

The L20-VIII can be used as a regular guide bushing type lathe when machining long, thin workpieces and as a guide bushing-less type reducing material wastage. Increased main spindle size reduces material wastage and bar preparation requirement. Oversized options are available for up to 25mm diameter material.

LFV Inside

This machine has LFV inside, click here to find out more about it.

Phone for more information 01536 647 066 ( Ref 80070 )

Available to purchase from Citizen Machinery

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