Cogsdill can turn your HBM into a Lathe... with the ZX system! |

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Cogsdill can turn your HBM into a Lathe... with the ZX system!

Supplied by Cogsdill Nuneaton Ltd

Added to MTD CNC: 16 May 2019

Cogsdill offers its 21st century customers the same commitment that inspired its founder:

We develop and build innovative tooling solutions for the toughest manufacturing problems.

With over a hundred...

Detailed spec

Cogsdill ZX Systems
Making machine tool automation beautifully simple.


The Cogsdill ZX range of Contouring and Boring tools, allow relatively simple 2-axis CNC programs to perform a variety of machining operations, converting linear actuator motion into radial movement. Part changes can be accommodated quickly and easily with program changes.

Operations that were previously performed manually can be converted to CNC Control, thus improving productivity, accuracy, part to part repeatability and improved surface finish.


Operations include:
  • Boring
  • Facing
  • Contouring
  • Threading
  • Taper Boring
  • Deep Cavity Boring
  • Grooving
  • Profiling
  • Back-spotfacing
  • Chamfering
  • Bottle Boring
  • Radii




Machine tool requirements:

The ZX™ system requires the use of a horizontal boring mill with a programmable inner spindle that rotates in unison with the outer spindle, or milling sleeve. The axial movement of the inner spindle is converted within the tool into radial cutting stroke for diameter control. Movement of the table, or machine column, on a parallel axis controls the axial location of the cutting edge relative to the part. In most horizontal boring mills, these two axes are referred to as “W” and “Z”.

  • Controlled inner spindle movement is converted into radial cutter movement
  • Independently controlled column or table movement parallel to spindle




More flexibility. Extra support.

The ZX system features a quick release mounting device called a CamLock bonnet. The bonnet is precisely machined to fit the specific Horizontal Boring Machine (HBM) for which it will be installed. The bonnet bolts to the outer spindle of the machine and utilises our quick-release CamLock mechanism, which is designed with you in mind. It is the first integral part in our modular system (bonnet / head / slide adapter / cutter) and is designed to reduce downtime in production.

When the bonnet is installed it literally functions as part of the machine and offers a generous engagement surface for the ZX tool, providing maximum support and rigidity and eliminating loads on spindle bearings. CamLock allows for the swapping of the various heads and tools onto the bonnet with a simple marrying of four points and locking with an Allen Key. It’s available on all our ZX tooling systems and offers the ability to quickly change tooling applications with ease.



For more information on our ZX range of tooling, please visit


Phone for more information 01536 647 066 ( Ref 80575 )

Available to purchase from Cogsdill Nuneaton Ltd

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