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Simple and Versatile - Cogsdill Diamond burnishing tools

Supplied by Cogsdill Nuneaton Ltd

Added to MTD CNC: 25 January 2019

Cogsdill offers its 21st century customers the same commitment that inspired its founder:

We develop and build innovative tooling solutions for the toughest manufacturing problems.

With over a hundred...

Detailed spec

Diamond Hard

The Cogsdill Diamond Burnishing Tools are designed to produce high quality, low micro-inch burnished finishes on shafts, large bores, and faces. With most metals, a turned or ground part with a properly prepared 40 to 60 micro-inch finish can be burnished to a 4 to 8 micro-inch finish in seconds. Cast iron can usually be burnished to an 8 to 15 micro-inch finish.

  • Multiple designs for use on most turning and Swiss-type machines – manual or CNC
  • All tools have include a premium quality, replaceable and polished diamond insert
  • Easily adjustable for optimum burnishing pressure

Simple and efficient, Cogsdill Diamond Burnishing Tools are designed to produce mirror-like finishes on any size stock; from carbon steels to tool steels, cast iron to alloys, and most ferrous and non-ferrous metals.



Simple and Versatile

Since set up and operation is relatively simple, no special operator skills are required. Diamond Burnishing Tools are versatile; various models are designed for use in the tool post of a manual lathe, automatic, or in CNC equipment. The tools can be used on both large and small diameters, and are ideal for short production runs.The Diamond Burnishing Tool can produce quality finishes on interrupted surfaces, such as a shaft with a keyway or the face of a flange having a series of bolt holes.

While the tool must be used with coolant, no special coolant is required. Straight oils, soluble oils, and synthetic coolants can be used to provide the necessary lubrication.



Easily Adjustable

  • Diamond Burnishing Tools are adjustable for optimum burnishing pressure.
  • For the DB-1 and DB-2 models, the adjustment screw is located in the end of the tool.
  • For models DB-3 and DB-4, the adjustment screw is located on the side of the tool.

The premium quality and replaceable diamond burnishing insert is polished and contoured to provide superior finishes and long tool life.


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Available to purchase from Cogsdill Nuneaton Ltd

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