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By changing their power infrastructure Tru-Edge Grinding increased productivity by double digits and reduced power consumption by 4%

Published on MTD CNC by ANCA CNC Machines on 18 Apr 2018

Replacing power boards and rewiring the facility achieved greater machine uptime and reduced operational costs for a successful precision tooling specialist.

ANCA’s MX5 and TX7 helps Aayudh Tools increase productivity by 30%

Published on MTD CNC by ANCA CNC Machines on 08 Feb 2018

Aayudh Tools based in Aurangabad, India achieves high accuracy and repeatability and a web centrality controlled within 10 microns

Making a success in the Tap market is all about attitude

Published on MTD CNC by ANCA CNC Machines on 17 Nov 2017

Taps are notoriously complex to manufacturer but that isn’t deterring Thai manufacture SK Precision who are building their capabilities to be the first domestic supplier of taps to the Thailand domestic market.

Leitz beats the competition by investing in automation on an ANCA FX7

Published on MTD CNC by ANCA CNC Machines on 07 Aug 2017

In the Australian wood processing industry there is significant demand for compression routers (tools with opposing cutting flutes) also known as compound shear or up-down cutters. As the demand for this product increased, Leitz Australia needed to protect their position against fierce competition of compression router supply. Leitz, a world leading manufacturer of tools used in industrial processing of solid wood, wood derived materials, plastic and compound materials knew that the only way to stay ahead of the competition would be to decrease costs and improve delivery times.

Sutton Tools is winning market share, achieving a 10% improvement on its surface finish compared to its competitors using ANCA’s linear technology

Published on MTD CNC by ANCA CNC Machines on 06 Jul 2017

6th July 2017: Australia’s largest manufacturer of rotary shank cutting tools, Sutton Tools, has gained market share in the highly competitive aerospace industry by producing superior tools using the linear motor technology on ANCA’s MX7. To gain traction in the aerospace market Sutton’s needed to push the boundaries of what could be expected from a tool machining materials in the aviation industry.

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