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Blum Constructs Productivity Improvements for Drill Manufacturer  

Published on MTD CNC by Blum-Novotest on 10 Jan 2017

To be a world leader in a specified sector when you have a history that dates back to 1911, is something that is rarely found. However, Padley & Venables has found its niche as the leading UK manufacturer of construction tools that are sold worldwide. The Sheffield Company has undoubtedly kept abreast of the latest industrial technology down the generations and combined this technology with the skill set and expertise of its staff; a blend that is combined with a relentless commitment to quality.  It is this drive for innovation and quality that has seen the company install two Doosan Puma 3100M turning centres, a robot loading system and metrology equipment from Blum Novotest.

Blum Delivers Reliable 24 Hour Production for Medical OEM

Published on MTD CNC by Blum-Novotest on 22 Nov 2015

The requirements placed on the production of medical devices are similar to those for products from other industries – automated, high-precision and efficient. Consequently, Stryker-Leibinger in Mühlheim-Stetten, Germany relies on production measurement technology from Blum-Novotest for its machining centres for medical instruments and implants.

Blum Ensures NASCAR Team Finishes First For Productivity

Published on MTD CNC by Blum-Novotest on 01 Nov 2015

When the owner of your race team is a three-time winner of the American NASCAR championship series, as well as a three-time Super Bowl winning coach, you might expect that no stone would be left unturned in achieving excellence in performance, either on the track or in the machine shop.

Innovative measuring systems for precision instruments

Published on MTD CNC by Blum-Novotest on 27 Oct 2015

When manufacturing very small parts, even a very minor temperature-related fluctuation in the machining centres can mean rejection. This is why Günter Stoffel Medizintechnik GmbH has turned to production metrology from Blum-Novotest for temperature compensation as well as other measuring tasks.

Blum Faster and as Accurate as Ever

Published on MTD CNC by Blum-Novotest on 03 Oct 2015

Ernst & Landerer GmbH is a family owned company with a proud tradition of serving as a partner to leading automotive gearbox manufacturers. The company actively looks towards innovative technologies to improve their products rather than rely on structures and processes that have developed over time

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