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Digging deep with Wassara

Published on MTD CNC by Renishaw plc on 09 May 2018

The mining business needs new drilling solutions to tackle the mounting productivity demands placed upon the industry. These solutions need to be relatively environmentally friendly as well as cost competitive compared to current drilling solutions.

50% faster turbine blade inspection

Published on MTD CNC by Renishaw plc on 27 Mar 2018

Checking critical dimensions of complex, high-volume parts can be difficult and time consuming, particularly when it's necessary to conduct checks on 100% of parts manufactured.

Perfect fit castings for Ricardo

Published on MTD CNC by Renishaw plc on 26 Feb 2018

Tridan Engineering based in Clacton-on-Sea is using Renishaw machine tool probes to align complex castings as part of a motorsport machining contract for Ricardo. For the first batch of parts, a project that would normally have taken around two months, was compressed into a 17-day turnaround without any compromise in the quality standards demanded by the client.

ATOM™ encoders allow rapid, high-accuracy FPD inspection and repair

Published on MTD CNC by Renishaw plc on 26 Feb 2018

South Korean flat-panel display (FPD) process equipment manufacturers have held a market-leading position for some time and are the driving force behind many of the recent advances seen in the manufacture of organic light emitting diode (OLED) and active-matrix light emitting diode (AMOLED) displays.

KOMET® GROUP innovates cutting tools using metal 3D printing technology

Published on MTD CNC by Renishaw plc on 22 Jan 2018

KOMET® GROUP is using Renishaw metal additive manufacturing technology to produce new ranges of innovative cutting tools. As well as allowing special cutters to be produced more quickly, the use of additive manufacturing enables more complex shapes to be generated, both for the external shape of the tooling and for the internal cooling channels.

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