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High Precision Quality Assurance-Stamped Parts

Published on MTD CNC by Alicona Metrology (UK) Ltd on 10 Jul 2018

Precision, product safety, and consistently high quality standards—these are the strict requirements Profiltech GmbH has to meet. At the same time, the company's customized solutions demand a great deal of flexibility. In order to monitor the quality of its special tools used in the production of precision-milled profile strips, Profiltech employs high-resolution optical 3D measurement systems by Alicona. Thanks to the repeatable and traceable measurements by these systems, Profiltech has optimized its milling process and increased the service life of its tools significantly.

Super sharp by using laser machining

Published on MTD CNC by Alicona Metrology (UK) Ltd on 02 Jul 2018

Laser machining creates cutting edges with smallest radii while eliminating chipping and tool wear. Laser machining systems of Laserpluss have been used in the serial production of diamond and carbide cutting tools for many years. With quality assurance and documentation by Alicona, this supplier invested in a benchmark from the industry, because Alicona 3D measurements are considered the decisive reference in the market.

Measurement without an operator

Published on MTD CNC by Alicona Metrology (UK) Ltd on 25 Jun 2018

To become more competitive by introducing advanced technologies and processes is the promise of the well-known research center AMRC to industry. Metrology is key to keep this promise and to increase production readiness of new techniques. This is why AMRC recently has acquired its fourth Alicona measuring system.

"Only when the stamping tool is running, can money be made!"

Published on MTD CNC by Alicona Metrology (UK) Ltd on 18 Jun 2018

With its high-performance stamping tools, Stepper, one of the technology leaders in the stamping sector and known worldwide for introducing modular tool construction, produces up to several billion contact parts per year. For quality assurance, the tooling expert has been relying on Alicona for many years. Stepper is now further expanding its automation in production with Alicona measuring systems in use 24/7.

Faster and more efficient production with the same team

Published on MTD CNC by Alicona Metrology (UK) Ltd on 11 Jun 2018

KLEINER Stanztechnik combines machine tools, measuring technology and robotics in a new production cell. It aims at autonomous, fully automatic production of tool components including measuring protocol. Alicona is not only a selected measurement technology partner because of its automation capabilities. "With Alicona´s Focus-Variation, we now have possibilities in quality assurance that no other metrology supplier could offer," emphasizes the stamping company.

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