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Subcontractor Opts for Heavy Duty VMC from Dugard

Published on MTD CNC by Dugard on 21 May 2017

Jenkins Engineering has recently opted to invest in a Dugard HD1886B machining centre. As a business that was established in 1979, the Maidenhead Company has a long established reputation for high quality subcontract production for the automotive, aerospace, rail and offshore sectors.

Aerospace Subcontractor Selects Large Bed Dugard Machining Centre

Published on MTD CNC by Dugard on 18 May 2017

Reading based Loftlock Precision Engineering recently purchased a Dugard SS1263L machining centre for the high speed machining of its aerospace and defence industry components. Needing a large work envelope to fit a limited factory floor area, the Dugard certainly fitted the bill.

Lambert & Searle invests in its first 5-axis VMC

Published on MTD CNC by Dugard on 23 Jul 2015

Lambert & Searle Precision Engineers has now invested in an X5 5-axis machining centre from Dugard Machine Tools to machine parts in one-hit, something that will enable the Worthing company to counteract the cost pressure placed on it by customers.

Difficult materials, it has to be Dugard..

Published on MTD CNC by Dugard on 05 May 2015

As a subcontract manufacturer heavily involved in the oil & gas industry, Main Tool Company Ltd is more than familiar with machining complex components from difficult materials. To efficiently manufacture such parts, the North Lanarkshire company has invested in heavy duty machine tools from Dugard.

ATM Ltd 3D machine with their Dugard ECO VMCs

Published on MTD CNC by Dugard on 27 Feb 2015

When Advanced Tool Manufacture Ltd was in the market for new machine tools, the East Kilbride company went straight for the ECO1000 vertical machining centre from a company located at the opposite end of the UK, Dugard Machine Tools.

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