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Automotive Casting Company Takes The Lead With Kao Ming 5-axis

Published on MTD CNC by Lead Machine Tools on 21 May 2017

Partline Automotive has recently installed a Kao Ming 5-axis KMC-700HV multi-pallet machining centre from Lead Machine Tools. As the name suggests, Partline specialises in the automotive industry and the company has a complete range of vertical and horizontal machining centres.

Takumi Machining Centre Leads the Way for Welsh Subcontractor

Published on MTD CNC by Lead Machine Tools on 21 May 2017

When PRV won a large contract for large format machining, the Pontypool Company reviewed its plant list and recongised that its plant list consisted of large X-axis machines, but not large Y-axis capacity. This brought about the purchase of the new Takumi H22S for the high speed machining of aluminium components.

For RK Engineering it's all about the relationship

Published on MTD CNC by Lead Machine Tools on 22 Oct 2015

Atherstone based RK Engineering has recently bought a Leadwell V-32i machining centre and a T-7A turning centre; the two machines are just the latest in a long line of machines bought from Lead Machine Tools. So, MTD went along to the Warwickshire border to get a greater insight as to why Leadwell machines are so popular.

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