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Subcontractor Has Appetite for High-Feed Cutters

Published on MTD CNC by Tungaloy on 01 Oct 2018

Founded in 2014, Shropshire Precision Engineering is an ambitious start up venture that deploys its skill set across a host of industry sectors that include the aerospace, power generation, automation, general engineering, motorsport and green energy markets. With a large percentage of the company’s work in the automotive industry, the Shrewsbury based company is employing Tungaloy cutting tools.

Vetech Reaps Rewards With ITC Cutting Tools

Published on MTD CNC by ITC LTD on 22 Aug 2018

Vetech Product Design & Development Ltd is a subcontract manufacturer that was conceived by engineers with an expertise in the garden equipment sector. When the Buxton based company opened its doors for business in 1994, the founders applied their industry knowledge to win business from the globally recognised Bosch brand. Since its inception, the company has always invested in the latest technology to drive its business forward and central to this strategy is support from its cutting tool partner Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC).

Interface for process-reliable machining

Published on MTD CNC by Haimer UK Ltd on 02 Aug 2018

Schweiger Formenbau (Schweiger Mold Making) relies on automation to produce high-precision injection molds at competitive costs in Germany. In order to achieve the required, high process reliability, the large-scale mold manufacturer does not make any compromises. For tooling they rely on tool holders, shrinking, balancing and tool presetting technology from the system supplier HAIMER.

ITC Drills Provide 400% Cycle Time Improvement for GPR

Published on MTD CNC by ITC LTD on 17 Jul 2018

In 2016, Surrey based GPR Ltd made its first strides from 3 to 5-axis machining and it was Tamworth cutting tool manufacturer Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) that fully supported the subcontractor in selecting the optimal tooling solution for the new machine. Two years after the Matsuura MX-520 was installed to complement the company’s 3 & 4-axis HAAS machining centres and ITC Technical Sales Engineer, Mr Dave Cleeve has once again stepped-in with a solution.

Subcontractor has a Grip On Productivity Benefits with ITC

Published on MTD CNC by ITC LTD on 08 Jun 2018

Leaving the comfort of employment and starting a business is a decision loaded with emotion and taken with cautious trepidation. For the two ex-aerospace engineers that founded GD Precision, re-mortgaging their homes to finance the leap emphasises their confidence and passion. Seventeen years later and the decision has paid dividends for the West Sussex entrepreneurs.

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