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The MultiSwiss Offers a competitive edge

The MultiSwiss Offers a competitive edge

Published on MTD CNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 01 June 2012

When Nicoletti found it was time to replace their cam-type multi-spindle machine, they naturally

Founded in 1967, Nicoletti is a family business based in Trissino (VI) in the Veneto region of Italy run by Giuseppe, Francesco and Antonio Nicoletti. The company has built its reputation on the same values it has always maintained quality, flexibility and reliability. When Nicoletti found it was time to replace their cam-type multi-spindle machine, they naturally thought of Tornos and the MultiSwiss 6x14.

Operating throughout the automotive, hydraulics and gas sectors, Nicoletti has an extensive range of machines. Whatever the needs of the customer, Nicoletti can respond with component diameters from 4 to 150mm. In its factory covering over 3,000m2, the company has numerical control single-spindle and multi-spindle turning machines, as well as cam-type machines.

Discussing the reason for considering a Tornos machine, Torneria Nicoletti President, Mr Luigi Nicoletti  comments: "Tornos offers an extensive range of products  the company offers great solutions that cover almost all our needs. Tornos is a machine manufacturer with a true culture of innovation  as it regularly launches lots of new products. Tornos also offers an excellent pre- and after-sales service, so we feel supported and not just a number. Our first Tornos encounter happened at the BIMU 2006 trade show. I said I wanted to replace one of our cam-type multi-spindle machines, and that&rsquos when they mentioned a project aiming to create a hybrid machine that would be a cross between the conventional multi-spindle turning machines and the sliding headstock turning machines capable of delivering cycle times close to those of cam-type multi-spindle machines. Intrigued, we decided to wait for this promising product to be launched."

As Mr Nicoletti continues: "The MultiSwiss is the fastest numerical control machine we know  of! The quality of the parts is superior to that achieved using our other products, but for us the greatest surprise lies in how unbelievably accessible it is, which facilitates rapid set-ups. So much so, that it is quicker to change the set-up on the MultiSwiss than it is on our Tornos Delta 20/5. The MultiSwiss enables us not only to achieve greater productivity, but also enhanced quality. We had started producing machined parts on our cam-type multi-spindle machines, but we soon realised that the machine was able to cope admirably with small production runs that had up until then been reserved for single-spindle machines."

With the new MultiSwiss, Tornos has made some bold technological choices to offer a vast array of benefits to the end user. The ion of a 1.5m barfeed was initially one of those bold choices. However, the ease that bars are changed and the increased speed of rotation offered by this solution help to strengthen the machine&rsquos performance levels. The decision to house all the peripherals required to operate the machine inside the contained unit is also a real advantage and makes the MultiSwiss a turnkey solution. It is a genuine example of innovation and Nicoletti has seen the immediate benefits of this.

From an operators perspective, the MultiSwiss is a machine that inspires confidence. It is easy to learn how to use and exceptionally accessible. To save time at NicoIetti, one operator takes care of the main operations, whilst another is responsible for counter operations. As Mr Nicoletti says: "It is very easy to change capacity and the settings of the feeder, it&rsquos all very quick on the MultiSwiss. Once the machine has reached the right temperature, it is extremely stable. The fact that the machine uses the same oil for the hydrostatic system and the cooling system considerably simplifies maintenance  there&rsquos no need to monitor the viscosity of the oil."

"We have some big-name clients like Bosch Rexroth, Parker and Würth, who are global leaders. They have very strict requirements  they demand the very highest quality products and services from us. The MultiSwiss enables us to produce top quality parts quickly and efficiently. We have set ourselves three challenges for the next 3 years. This year, we are in the process of obtaining OHSAS 18? :2007 certification. In 2013 we will be expanding our factory and in 2014 we are planning to obtain ISO: 14? certification in order to continue to ensure customer satisfaction. We rely on Tornos and innovative products like the MultiSwiss to maintain our growth."


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