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DaRo Puts Supply Chain Under Control Of PSL Datatrack

DaRo Puts Supply Chain Under Control Of PSL Datatrack

Published on MTD CNC by PSL Datatrack Production Control Software on 05 February 2018

DaRo Puts Supply Chain Under Control Of PSL Datatrack

DaRo Products and DaRo UV Systems have put their manufacturing, assembly and supply chain operations under the control of PSL Datatrack production control software. Both companies are taking advantage of the latest PSL Datatrack module, Dynamic Bill of Materials, developed specifically for them, to ease the difficulty of dealing with both the manufacturing needs of Daro Products and the Ship-on-Demand requirements of Daro UV, where dealing promptly with many different customers who have continuously changing ad-hoc purchase requirements of specific components or materials.

Since 2000, DaRo Products has established itself as a leading one-stop shop for a wide range of engineering and sheet metalwork sub-contract engineering services. Sister company DaRo UV Systems specialises in the development, production and supply of UV (Ultra-Violet) disinfection systems for many different industries.

The original investment in PSL Datatrack was made six years ago with the purchase of Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order, Job Costing, Assemblies and Bill of Materials modules. As DaRo Products Company Secretary, Sarah Pennock says: “At the time, apart from delivery notes and invoicing, all the administration associated with our production and sales was paper based. We were unable to grow the company as this approach was very limiting and demanded unacceptable levels of manual administration.”

DaRo Products investigated various suppliers of business administration systems, including (ERP and MRP solutions). PSL Datatrack was selected because (it provided an economical solution to control of the manufacturing and administration processes demanded). Satisfaction with the initial PSL Datatrack modules resulted in further investment in Invoicing and Work In Progress modules for even more extensive control over the company’s business administration processes, resulting in even greater time savings. The number of PSL Datatrack users within the company was extended to six and the success of the system led to investment in a second six-user system when DaRo UV Systems was formed.

Whilst DARO UV initially utilised the same configuration of PSL Datatrack as DARO Products, demand for a more responsive system of Ship-on-Demand from a tightly controlled inventory system presented different supply-chain difficulties.

Following discussions with the PSL Datatrack designers, the Dynamic Bill-of-Materials module was developed to enable a stock-based build-up of uniquely configured assemblies for individual customers.

The majority of DaRo UV Systems sales are now customised from a variety of ‘catalogue’ items and custom components, producing UV disinfection systems for applications as diverse as water disinfection, effluent treatment, swimming pool treatment, ultraviolet hand inspection cabinets and UV light based security products are frequently “one offs.” The Dynamic Bill-of-Materials also means that DaRo UV Systems can easily fulfil continually changing customer orders for specific parts or materials and to manage these requests quickly. This results in a single order entry dramatically reducing the time taken to process complex assemblies.

The ability of the Dynamic Bill of Materials module to quote and deliver such solutions quickly is a key benefit together with the automatic allocation of parts for assemblies. The system automatically tracks any shortages and monitors the parts that are ‘to follow’, completing the order automatically when they become available.

The Dynamic Bill of Materials module has now been taken on by DaRo Products to fulfil their partial need for Ship-on-Demand. It is ideal for a company like DaRo Products that sub-contract manufactures many different types of product. It enables them to work in parallel with a range of manufactured and bought-out ‘catalogue’ items such as fasteners, bespoke and standard ranges of components.

Over the years, DaRo Products has continued to build upon its philosophy of working with customers in partnership to provide a design, sheet metal manufacturing, vacuum forming, powder coating, assembly and delivery/collection service. As part of its one stop shop service it will now also provide warehousing, packaging and added value assembly services that cuts down on multiple handling. PSL Datatrack gives the company the administration management to provide these services.

“I see us working with PSL Datatrack for many years to come”, says Sarah, “We have worked together for a long time and the way PSL Datatrack is set up ensures smooth and rapid progress of orders going through both our businesses. PSL Datatrack always supplies excellent service and back-up.”

For more information, visit www.psldatatrack.com or contact;
PSL Datatrack, Lily Hill House, Lily Hill Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 2SJ
Tel: +44 (0) 8456 345931
Fax: +44 (0) 8707 064851
Email: sales@psldatatrack.com

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