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Scott From Unicut tells us about one of his 28 Citizen Machinery UK Lathes.

Having this many machines from one company speaks volumes. The client must have complete faith in the machines, but any quality supplier will know, it’s not just about getting the machines through the door, you need to provide the full support and back up. This is key to the whole client solution provided by Citizen Machinery UK.

In this video Scott talks to us about a tiny part, but with his new L12 LFV he has reduced cycle time from 8 seconds to 6 seconds. Ok, that’s only 2 seconds, but that is a 25% reduction and when you are making millions of parts that is a huge saving.

Not only that, LFV gives them complete peace of mind so they know that their machines will run 24/7 with no issues.

Published by Citizen Machinery 17 July 2018

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